2013 Science Camp – Ecology

In July 2013 the first three week Science was held at the Nestucca Valley Elementary School.   NVCA Volunteers approached the Nestucca Valley School District (DVSD) early in the year and proposed the idea of a science related program then they  worked with NVSD to bring the first Science Camp to the area.

The Science Camp was held from July 7 through July 25th.  The Camp ran four days a week from 8 am until noon.   There were 56 children enrolled in this program that was financed bu the U.S. Department of Education’s Title 1.   The program introduced students to aspects of scientific study including observation, note taking and measuring.

Slide1NVCA volunteers participated each Thursday to bring specific programs to the students.  The theme this year was Ecology.    Bill Busch, a retired oceanographer and professor,  had a discussion on the types of fish in the area including Tuna and mackerel.   He showed pictures of the fish and asked the children to notice the shapes and colors of each.   Later the students had a chance to paint cedar images of the fish the discussed.   NVCA volunteers Noe Martinez and Paul Carlson supervised the project.  Marie Heimburg was also on hand to help.

Rob Royster was on hand with his dory boat, the “Mox Nix”.  He asked youngsters Slide46aboard showed them how to through crab pots and bring in fish.

Alex Sifford of the local watershed council also joined Busch and Carlson and focused on waterflow.  Students were also asked to participant in measurements as it relates to the lay out of a soccer field.


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