2014 Science Camp – Science Methods in our Daily Lives

Over 70 students participated In the second annual Science Camp sponsored by the Nestucca Valley School District in partnership with NVCA from July 7 through July 24th, 2014. This year the focus was on how scientific methods are part of our everyday life.  During this period the first through fifth graders:

  • Experimented with jet flow using water bottle rockets and geysers made by combining Mentos candy and Diet Coke.
  • Learned about jets in the ocean with examples from jellyfish, squid, nautilus, geysers, and tidal inlets
  • Had a Field Trip to the Nestucca Wildlife Refuge
  • Learned about the Silver Spot Butterfly and their habitat from the US Forest Service Wildlife Biologist, Michelle Dragoo
  • Built and flew kites and learned about the flight patterns of birds and butterflies.

NVCA provided journals, pencils, science related supplies and morning snacks.  The students painted three large plywood fish in beautiful colors.  Eventually NVCA will display these inside the Community Park on the Park fence.   Bills Busch, former oceanographer and professor let the students in many of these programs along with Paul Carlson, NVCA volunteer.

For more information see the article featured by the Pacific City Sun on July 12, 2014.

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