2016 Science Camp has begun

SC2015-microscopesThe Science Camp, a cooperative effort of the Nestucca Valley School District (NVES) and NVCA has begun its 3 week program (July 11 – 28).  There are about 50 elementary students taking part in the Camp this year.  The theme is Wellness,  week 1 will focus on energy,  week 2 on water and week 3 on food.  Coordinated classroom work will be held Mondays through Wednesdays with a laboratory experience on Thursdays.  People who make this happen are the Principle and Faculty of Nestucca Valley Elementary School,  a coordinator, high school interns and NVCA VOLUNTEERS who will serve as faculty during the laboratory sessions.    NVCA also provides financial and material support for the program as wells funding for daily lunch and snacks.