2018 – Start of a Great Year for NVCA

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.   The New Year is upon us and NVCA is moving toward a productive 2018.  We are planning the next steps for the development of the park which includes securing funding for infrastructure projects, the playground, the skate park, and Science Camp 2018.  Also, we are planning our processes to keep the parking lot open in peak periods this spring and summer.

NVCA would like to hold  an “Open House” this spring for the community to view the park and its future plans.  We need someone to lead a committee to organize a spring/summer “Open House”. Do you have good event planning skills? Do you want to help make a difference in the community?

With the help and support of the NVCA board, the Open House committee would recruit a few members, develop a budget, plan and implement the Open House. Interested? Please let us know at nvcainfo@gmail.com. Just put Open House in the subject line. Or call Richard at 503-965-0018.

Next NVCA Park Meeting is schedule for Saturday,  January 13th at the Kiawanda Community Center at 1:00 pm.  Come join us!

As you already know,   NVCA is an all volunteer organization.   It is run by the community for the community.   We would encourage all to help in this endeavor.

Let’s make this a great year for Pacific City.