The Nestucca Valley Community Alliance (NVCA) is an all volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 organization that was formed in October 2010 by Pacific City residents and friends.

In keeping with our mission statement and vision to promote educational opportunities and educational venues for South Tillamook County,  NVCA has

  • Signed a 49 year lease agreement with Tillamook Lightwave to develop and manage a community park on 2.4 acres of cable landing property on the east side of Cape Kiwanda Drive just south of Doryland Pizza. We currently have a design in place and are looking for funding.
  • Helped initiate and organize the first Science Camp with Nestucca Valley Elementary School (NVES) staff in 2013. In this capacity NVCA volunteers work with NVES staff on programs and funding for the event.  Each Thursday of the three week camp, NVCA volunteers work with the students on a science projects and experiments.
  • Partnered with the Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic (CKLC) in promoting a small skate park in the area. CKLC is a committee of NVCA and is represented on the NVCA Board
  • Supported and promoted other traditional, cultural and historic events in the area.

The five member board of directors is made up of volunteers who have a desire to promote cultural and historical events to the community in an environment that offers a variety of recreational opportunities to residents and visitors to Pacific City and South Tillamook County.

The board members hold planning meetings five times a year, usually every other month.  These are always open to the public. Time and place is posted on the website and our facebook page.

At those meetings, the board reviews current projects, hears committee reports, plans future projects.   Anyone can attend the meetings and can volunteer to work on projects.   NVCA is open to anyone who is interested in the community and wants to support our mission.   So, full and part-time residents or visitors who are interested in the community can participate.

NVCA’s governing documents outline the rules and regulations under which it operates.   Check them out for more detail on our organization.