Governing Documents


By-laws are the operating rules of an organization that spell out the organization’s mission, type of structure and procedures and processes.  They also spell out the number of board members and officers and their responsibilities.   NVCA adopted its by-laws in October, 2010 and amended them in January of 2012.   NVCA By-Laws

Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of incorporation establish the organization and are filed with the Secretary of State.  These are renewed each year.    NVCA filed their articles of incorporation in October of 2010. These are renewable each year.  NVCA Articles of Incorporation.

Conflict of Interest

One of the more important policies of a non-profit is the Conflict of Interest Statement.  This policy should be in writing and be reviewed with the board of directors, officers, staff and volunteers on a regular basis.   It requires the disclosure of any conflict and outlines how to handle conflicts.   It forbids board members from voting any matter where a conflict may exist.  NVCA adopted their conflict of interest statement in November of 2011.  Conflict of Interest

Non-Profit Determination Letter for 501(c)3 Status

In January, 2013 NVCA received official notice of their non-profit 501(c)3 status.   With this status,  all contributions to the organization are tax deductible.   The Employee Identification Number is 27-3871563.    NVCA-Non-Profit Determination Letter

NVCA Manual for Fiscal Policies and Procedures.

In 2014 – several board members and volunteers held a series of committee meetings to discuss and  outline a set of fiscal policies and procedures for NVCA.

Adopted in November, 2014, the NVCA Manual was designed as a reference for the Board of Directors of the Nestucca Valley Community Alliance (NVCA).  It includes fiscal policies established by the Board of Directors and procedures designed to implement those policies.  It provides simple methods for transacting NVCA’s business affairs.    NVCA Fiscal Policies & Procedures.