Solar, Wind & Energy – 2017 Science Camp Success

School is back in session and the students that participated in the 2017 Nestucca Science Summer Camp (NSSC) can share their great  experience.   The three week science camp was held in July. It focused on solar, wind and water energy and taught students how those forms of energy can be converted to mechanical and electrical power.    About 55 students participated in this free program.   Learn about their experience at the  2017 Science Camp on the NVCA website,

The Science Camp is a collaboration between the Nestucca Valley School District and the non-profit Nestucca Valley Community Alliance (NVCA).


Science Camp 2017 – Energy

Be it solar, wind, water, electricity, heat or various other sources  – ENERGY will be the subject of this year’s Science Camp.

NVCA in conjunction with the Nestucca Valley Elementary school is preparing for our Fifth Annual Science Camp.   We have received a $9.800 grant from Trust Management Services in Waldport, Oregon .

The science camp will be held in July with the tentative dates being July 10th through July 27th.   Each Thursday of the Science Camp,  July 13 and July 20  NVCA volunteers work with the students and instructors on hands on projects.  We will also assist on a field trip that will be held on the last  Thursday of the science camp, July 27.

In years past, there have been as many as 70 students attending the science camp and can use help from the community.   We encourage those that are interested to come and help out.   If you are interested, contact us at

Better still, come to our next meeting on Saturday,  June 10th at 10 AM at the Kiawanda Community Center, 34600 Cape Kiwanda Drive.



2016 Science Camp – Focus on Wellness

NVES Students who participated in the 2016 Science Camp will have great stories to tell about their three weeks at Science Camp.  The theme was Wellness and they learned how Energy, Water and Food are important to your health.

The three week camp ran from July 11th through July 28th.   NVES staff and NVCA volunteers organized and ran the science camp for 45 NVES students.  They had hands on experience learning how the heart works as a pump for the body,  why perspiration is important in cooling our systems and why food is so important.

The science camp ended with a field trip to Corvus Landing Farm to learn about farming and food.  They was time for team play before a lunch prepared by  farmer and chef Sandy Porter as this video shows.

Team Play at Corvus Landing Farm



A Solar Eclipse in Oregon in 2017

TSE2017_OregonPut this on your calendar August 21,  2017 –  A solar eclipse in Oregon.

The path will cross Oregon and,  according to the website,  the best viewing will be on the Coast. Check out and bookmark the website for more information on this event.



2016 Science Camp has begun

SC2015-microscopesThe Science Camp, a cooperative effort of the Nestucca Valley School District (NVES) and NVCA has begun its 3 week program (July 11 – 28).  There are about 50 elementary students taking part in the Camp this year.  The theme is Wellness,  week 1 will focus on energy,  week 2 on water and week 3 on food.  Coordinated classroom work will be held Mondays through Wednesdays with a laboratory experience on Thursdays.  People who make this happen are the Principle and Faculty of Nestucca Valley Elementary School,  a coordinator, high school interns and NVCA VOLUNTEERS who will serve as faculty during the laboratory sessions.    NVCA also provides financial and material support for the program as wells funding for daily lunch and snacks.

OOI Now Online!

In mid-December the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) officially moved from the construction phase to the operations and maintenance phase of the program. A new website was launched on which all OOI Cruise Data are now available to the public, On this website you can access data from all of the instruments on the cabled array off of our coast as well as data from other OOI platforms all around the globe.

Science Pub

Science_Pub_talkThe Nestucca Valley Community Alliance is sponsoring the first in what is planned to be a continuing series of “science pubs”. The speaker, Dr. Peter Ruggiero, is an Oregon State University (OSU) coastal hazards specialist whose presentation is titled “Envisioning Tillamook County Coastal Futures: Adapting to Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Hazards”.

The talk will be on Monday, February 10, 2014, at the Pelican Pub and Brewery, 33180 Cape Kiwanda Drive, Pacific City, OR, 503-965-7007. The presentation will begin with a preview of upcoming NVCA activities and a Tillamook coast trivia contest at 6:00 pm, followed by Dr. Ruggiero’s talk at 6:20 pm.

What will the coast along Tillamook County look like in 30 years? How will rising sea level, increasing storminess, and accelerating development pressures affect local residents and visitors to the coast? These are questions that Dr. Ruggiero and fellow researchers at OSU hope to answer through the Tillamook County Coastal Futures Project.  In this effort the OSU team is working with a diverse group of local residents to develop the information and tools necessary to design climate-resilient strategies along the Tillamook County coast.

Explore the NOAA Okeanos Explorer


A day-long professional development workshop for 5-12th grade educators will be held at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, October 11th. Participants will learn how to use standards-based lessons and online resources associated with the NOAA Okeanos Explorer research vessel. Registration is limited, so sign up early. For more information see