Help Wanted – Landscaping

HelpWantedHELP WANTED!!   We need the services of a landscape designer to complete the final concept design for the park and guide through the engineering plans and a Master Plan.

We have applied for a grant through Travel Oregon to help with this effort.
If you are a designer or know folks who are and would be interested in helping our organization completed these plan please see the RFP (Request for Proposal) under the Records Tab.    We would appreciate receiving a proposal.

The RFP is also posted on the Daily Journal of Commerce Website  and the League of Oregon Cities website

This project is an all-volunteer effort.  Pacific City is an unincorporated community so there is no city government that can help with design consulting and/or funding.   The designer on this project will have a great deal of visibility in the community and will have the opportunity to meet and work with leaders in the community.

Contact us at   – we will send you a copy.





Community Park Fence Construction

FenceThe work on the park has begun. On Friday, June 6, 2014 – representatives from Coast Com, TLW, Kellow Land Surveying, NVCA and Bros and Hoes were out in force.   It is the beginning of a long road. We met on Friday to make sure all parties understood the fence line, where to clear for the fence and to discuss the timeline. Work will begin on Monday, June 9 and will hopefully be completed by June 18.

Now the fun begins –  to make the park a reality NVCA will need help from all. Money is always welcome but your time and talent are also very valuable to us. If you would like to participate and help with some aspects of the park this summer please let us know. We will need to clear the area – as you can see from the photo it will need a lot of work. We will focus on developing the final concept, site and engineering plan.   The final outcome is a Master Plan that will allow us to move forward and secure funding.

To be able to realize a bona fide park with playground equipment, picnic areas, amphitheater and  a skate park – we need dedicated folks who can give of their time and talent.

We need folks can help with manual labor, who are good at planning and rallying volunteers,  people who enjoy writing grants, are good with computers and who like to plan events. This is open to all who have an interest and a desire to see this to its completion. You can reside anywhere in South County, Portland, Vancouver or elsewhere. Even if you can be at the beach only for a short time this summer and would like to help. Let us know.

Please visit the Volunteer Page on this website and sign up –  we will send you an applciation and speak with you of your talents and timeline.

Remember this is a park built for the community by the community.

Find us on Facebook –  there are more pictures of the property there.

We Did It!! Fence Will Be Up Soon

Didithanks for a great community effort. Over 40 folks and organizations gave their support to the park fence in just over 4 weeks. Thanks also for the matching fund and the contribution for the Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic. TLW and Coast Com also helped in a big way –  they received an alternative bid that was lower than the original estimate.   Still planning on contributing.   All donations through April 30th will be recognized in the ONE FOOT AT A TIME campaign and your name will be included on the fence sign, if you wish.

With that we have asked that construction of the fence to be started. It may take a few weeks to schedule but it is in the works.

Now the fun and the work begins! There are a number of components of the park including playground equipment and a skate. Planning is essential and that will begin soon.

Are you interested in helping?  Do you have talents that can be an asset to planning a park?   Let us know – just go to the Volunteer Page and submit your name.  We will get in touch with you.

We are Almost There

Wow we are at 62%. Great job folks – you really have come through. We are very close. There is still time to be part of the ONE FOOT AT A TIME campaign – you can buy a foot until April 30. Get your foot of the park.almost-e

Almost Half-way (47%) To Our Goal

almost-2Wow – almost halfway to our goal to get the $10,500 match. In the past week $1,450  have been contributed by 14 individuals in the South County are. Another $3,500 comes from the Cape Kiwanda Longboard Classic group.

The CKLC understands the critical need for the fence and that it is the stepping stone for the park including the development of a skate park. If you recall, in November this group became a standing committee of NVCA and will act as fundraising arm for the skate park.    They are contributing a portion of  their profits to get the fence built so work we can begin planning the park.

Remember the park will also include children’s playground activities, covered and open activity areas, an amphitheatre, of course, a parking area. In the future NVCA would like to build an interpretive center for educational and cultural events.

Don’t procrastinate – be part of the action and buy a foot of fence for $25 or 2, 5 or 10 feet – whatever you wish.  All contributors will be recognized on a plaque (yet to be designed) that will be posted to fence.   Let the community know you support the park either as an individual or local business.

Now Is Your Chance – Help The Community Park

OnefootNow is your chance! Buy a foot of fence for the Community Park and your name will be added to a plaque commemorating Community Teamwork. One foot is just $25 and it will be matched by a local donor. Let’s get this Park going. Remember it will include, picnic areas, playground equipment, activity areas, a skate park and a small amphitheater. But first we need to build the fence.   Just click on the Community Park Fund on the donate page.

Build A Park – One Foot At A Time

BuildingHelp build the park fence – ONE FOOT AT A TIME. Buy a foot of fence for $25. There is a matching fund so it is like buying two feet for the price of one. Click on the DONATE button above and choose the Community Park Fund. All donations received for this fund from now through April will go toward the fence

This first step is crucial. Before we can start any work on the Community Park a fence needs to be built to divide the Cable Landing Property and define the 2+ acres for the Park. The cost of the 746 ft chain link fence, gate and related driveway is approximately $27,000. Our goal is to have the fence built at the end of April. Then the task of clearing, grading and moving forward can begin this spring and summer.

A local donor is offering a match of $10,500. NVCA has applied for a Tillamook PUD Grant for part of the cost and contributions have been received from the Longboard Classic. But we still need to raise about 20% of the cost from the community. So now is your opportunity.

Please buy just 1 foot, 5 feet, 10 feet or whatever you wish.  Help make this park a reality.

NVCA Community Park Lease and License

LeaseOn Saturday, November 16th the NVCA Officers signed the 49 year lease and the revocable license with Tillamook Lightwave for a cost of $10/year. Paul Levesque, President of TLW, also placed his signature on the documents to finalize the agreement.

This is the first step in developing 2.4 acres at the Cable Landing Station on Cape Kiwanda Drive.

This agreement has been a long time in the making. In 2008, community leaders saw an opportunity to convert the vacant Telecom Property to Community Use. Many thanks go to those innovative individuals who banded together to start the process.

NVCA is planning multiple uses for the property. This includes picnic areas,  children’s and adult playgrounds, covered and open activity areas,  skate park and an amphitheater.  An interpretive center is also planned and will focus on science, as well as  historical and cultural history of the area.

The next most immediate step is to work with Tillamook Lightwave to install a fence to separate the TLW use with NVCA. Once that is done we will be able to begin work on the property.

NVCA will begin their strategic planning and budgeting for 2014 and 2015 after the first of the year. We will be needing help from the community in the coming months.

If you are interested in working with us on this project, please send us an e-mail at Please your skills and talents and where you would like to help.

NVCA & TLW To Sign Lease For Park 11-16 At KCC 9:30 am

The Nestucca Valley Community Alliance in conjunction with Tillamook Lightwave IGA is pleased to announce that a formal long term 49 year lease will be signed on November 16, 2013.   The lease is for 2.1 acres of property on the current 4.5 acre fiber optical cable landing station located on Cape Kiwanda Drive in Pacific City. The lease agreement will cost NVCA $10/year.

NVCA and TLW will formally sign the lease at 9:30 am at the Kiawanda Community Center on Saturday, November 16, 2013. The public is welcome to join us for a brief reception. This will be followed by the NVCA board meeting at 10:30 a.m.

Please join us in this notable event. Questions write us at

Gloria Scullin, President NVCA