Meeting To Discuss Alternate Plans For Community Park

A meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. September 12th at the Kiawanda Community Center to discuss the potential development of property immediately north and including Webb Park for purposes originally included in the NVCA’s plans for the cable landing station tract. Items that might be located on this property include an interpretive center, amphitheater, parking, and trailhead for adjacent U.S. Forest Service and BLM properties. This initial meeting will hopefully bring together parties that potentially would be involved in the development of the propertiy. The parties include the NVCA, Pacific City-Nestucca Valley Chamber of Commerce, Pacific City Joint Water-Sanitary Authority, Tillamook Light Wave, Nestucca Rural Fire District, Tillamook County, and the U.S. Forest Service. The public is invited to attend.

NVCA Community Park Design

Colourful playground.
Colorful playground.

Again, we would like to thank the community for the feedback and support received regarding the potential park design for the Cable Landing Station on Cape Kiwanda Drive.   The turn out of 60+ community members at the CPAC meeting on July 16 was truly impressive.

The NVCA Board is pleased to announce that we have selected the following for our Community Park at our Board Meeting on July 18th.   It will have a picnic area, children’s playground, adult playground, small amphitheater, Covered activity area,  and a small skate park.

In the Long Term we will also plan for an Interpretive Center for educational/cultural use.

We hope that this will address the interests of all age groups and provide areas not only for recreation but for educational and cultural events.  It will be a place for families to congregate and enjoy. Again thanks to all for your feedback


Community Park Presentation at PC-Woods CPAC

CACWhat a turnout!  We were impressed that 60+ community members of all ages and interests came to the CPAC Meeting on Monday, July 16th at the Kiawanda Community Center to hear the NVCA presentation on the community park proposed for the Cable Landing property.  Quite a showing for a Monday night meeting on a beautiful summer day.

In keeping with NVCA’s mission, to provide recreational, cultural and educational opportunities in South County, the community park proposed would include space not only for recreation but also a place for the community to sponsor cultural and educational events.  Uses being considered include picnic areas, covered activity areas, playgrounds, an amphitheatre, a future interpretive center and the potential for a skate park.

The NVCA presentation also shared a brief history of the organization as well as the status of the lease.

There was a good discusion and participation.  The skate board community was well represented and expressed their support for a skate park for a portion of the property.    Neighbors to the proposed park were also in attendance and expressed their concern for parking, noise, traffic and security.  There were no major objections to the park, just that it be planned out responsibly.

Go to the Key Info Tab to find the complete presentation.

Community commitment and support like this will help make the park a reality.  We hope we have your continued support.