Come Join Us April 20 To Discuss the Construction of the Parking Lot

Please join us at our NVCA Board meeting Thursday, April 20th at 6 PM at the Kiawanda Community Center, 34600 Cape Kiwanda Drive in Pacific City.    All NVCA board meetings are public meetings and we welcome those interested to attend and share their thoughts and ideas.We are making progress on the park.

The earth moving equipment is on the property and soon gravel will be laid for the parking lot.  To complete this phase of the park will include the installation of power gate, space markings, signage, security cameras and temporary sanitation facilities.

Remember this is just the initial phase and an important building block.   It will lead to the playground, recreation areas and of course the skate and bike area.

The primary discussion will be on the startup of the parking lot at the Community Park.  An integral part of our planning will address the following:

  • Parking revenue implementation plan –  What can we do to generate revenue and cover expenses?   We will discuss how to develop an effective collection system and process to utilize this phase of the park.
  • Several options have been outlined and distributed to the Board members including communications and promotions of the community park development.

But we will need help and more community involvement to make this work.    Come join us and share your ideas, insights and your skills and talents.