Let’s make the Community Park a reality

The NVCA board would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support over the past 4 years.  We have come a long way from bare ground in 2013, to putting in the fence – One Foot at a Time project in 2014, to finalizing the park design in 2015.

In 2016, we received a grant of $97,800 from TLT to construct a gravel parking lot, an interim step toward the final asphalt parking area.   Bids requests went out and the contract has been awarded.  Many thanks to our partner Tillamook Lightwave.  Construction will begin in early 2017.  As you know this is a long term project and each year we make a little more progress.

The parking lot will need a radio controlled gate for easy access, signage, parking lot definition and electric power.  It is estimated that $5,500 will be needed to complete the amenities.   To date,  the New Year’s Eve Party at the Sportman’s Pub-n-Grub contributed $1,100 to this effort.   We greatly appreciate their help.

The parking lot has two obvious benefits, relief of the congestion at the Cape as the space is made available for overflow parking and also a chance for NVCA to earn income to be used for further construction projects.

We would not have made progress without your help.  There is still more that needs to be done and we ask that you consider a cash donation to help.  It is easy just visit our website at http://www.nestucca.org/1-donate/

Or contribute your talents and leadership skills and volunteer to help complete this project.    Contact us at http://www.nestucca.org/come-join-the-nvca-team/

Remember this is a Community Park built by the community for the community.   It will furnish a venue for recreation and physical fitness opportunities for children, families and adults.  It will include a children’s play area, small pavilion that can be used for family gatherings and will have picnic tables, cooking grills and adult game areas.   A small bike and skate area is also in the plan.   Take a “Tour of the Park” to see all the recreational areas. Please help us in 2017.