NVCA Board Meeting, June 20 2012

Agenda,  NVCA Board Meeting

June 20, 2012

 6:30 to  8:30 PM

Fireside Room at Kiawanda Community Center,   Cape Kiwanda Drive, Pacific City, Oregon

  • Call Meeting to Order
  • Introduction/ Recognition of Guests
  • Secretary
    1. Minutes of May 23  Meeting
    2. Correspondence Received
  • Treasurer’s Report
    1. Other Financial Report/Information
  • Skate Park Discussions
    1. Introduction of Guests – Amanda Graves/Danyel Scott of Dreamland
    2. Review of Drawing
  • Other Business
    1. Setting date/format  for discussions with RV Park, Dory Pointe, Other Cape Kiwanda Neighbors
    2. Funding Raising at Dory Days  – Booth/handouts/Fish   Other
  • For the Good of the Order

Next Meeting:  – Wednesday, July 18, 2012    6:30-8:30 PM  at Kiawanda Community Center   NOTE:  BOC Meeting is on Wednesday at KCC.

The purpose of NVCA is to bring educational and recreational opportunities to South Tillamook County, Oregon by managing and developing projects and resources that promote cultural, historical and educational sites for the area.  

For Further information contact Gloria Scullin or Anne Price at NVCAInfo@gmail.com  or Call 360-901-7258