NVCA Parking Lot Makes a Difference

Another successful Dory Days has come and gone.   This time however, NVCA’s parking area was open for the additional parking.

This has made a difference.   People started filling the lot at about 11:30 am on Saturday and there were at least 60 cars that parked in the lot during the day.   On Sunday parking traffic was little less about 35 cars.   The parking area was opened between 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.   NVCA has purchased and installed Overflow parking signs at the Cape to direct folks to the new parking area and this has directed folks to the parking lot.

NVCA is asking donations for the parking and we did make a couple hundred dollars over the weekend.   Donations are on the honor system and are placed in a lock box as there is no attendant at the park during the day.

Overall NVCA parking has made an impact for the community by reducing parking on Cape Kiwanda Drive by some 150 cars over the past few weekends.

But WE NEED HELP!     To keep the parking lot open on the weekends we need folks to open the gate at about 10:30 – 11:00 am and put out the parking signs.   This should take no more than 30 minutes.   Also we need people to close and lock the gate at 7:00 pm.  Again – this should take 30 minutes or less.

Would you like to help?   Just sign up for an available time on the “Doodle” Calendar .   Send a message on nvcainfo@gmail.com indicating your willingness to take on one of the time periods on Doodle.  An NVCA board member will send you the opening instructions.

Note – if we do not have volunteers to close the gate at 7:00 pm  – we will not open the parking lot for the day.   We need volunteers not only to Open but also to Close.   It can be different people but there needs to be volunteers for both time periods.   So,  please select a time that is convenient for you and also helps complete a full day for the parking lot.

Still have questions.  Contact us at nvcainfo@gmail.com. Also check out the NVCA website.