2013-2017 Science Camp Overview


In 2017, 55 students, first through sixth grade, participated in the Nestucca Science Summer Camp (NSSC).   They observed and used models of solar, wind and water energy and were able to convert these energy forms into electrical and mechanical energy.    Learn more about what they did during the three week program that took place in July, 2017.

This year’s theme focused on Wellness.  Students had the opportunity to learn how we need food and water for strong muscles.  This include the heart and how it functions and pumps blood through the body.   They also learned about how the body cools itself through perspiration.  A field trip to Corvus Landing Farm enabled the students to learn how food is grown and they ate fresh carrots and salad greens.

Theme of the 2015 Camp was gardens, molecules and forests.  Students made fresh fava bean pesto and used microscopes to view the secrets of molecules and atoms.   They also had a field trip to the Forestry Center.

Geysers, and rockets, field trip to wildlife refuge, Silver Spot Butterflies and kite building and flying were part of the Science Camp in this year.   The Science Camp was held July 7 through July 24th.

Held July 8 through July 25th, 2013 at the Nestucca Valley Elementary School.  Fifty-six students from the first through the fifth grade participated in the first Science Camp.  The focus was on Marine Life,  Fishing,  Water Flow and Measurements