NVCA Receives TLT Grant

It is official.   On May 9, 2018, Nestucca Valley Community Alliance was awarded a $15,000 TLT Tourism-Related Facilities Grant.  The grant will be used to purchase, picnic tables, park benches,  an informational kiosk and other amenities for the Community Park in Pacific City.

This is one step closer to the $1.6 million cost of the park.   In 2018 – the Park parking lot will again be open on weekends to alleviate congestion at the Cape.   NVCA is also working to secure larger grants for the children’s playground and the park infrastructure.

Want to help get the park completed  – come join us on June 2, 2018 at 10 AM at the Kiawanda Community Center where we will be discussing the park progress and the upcoming Open House on June 9.






Join NVCA for a Meeting on the Park

Come join us on Saturday, January 13, 2018 from 1:00-2:30 pm at the Kiawanda Community Center at 34600 Cape Kiwanda Drive for a meeting on the Community Park.  We will be meeting in the new Faye Jensen Room.

The Agenda is as follows:

  1. Call Meeting to Order/Minutes of Last Meeting
  2. Treasurer’s Report
  3. Parking Events as Revenue – what to charge, what to ask for, next steps
    • Hood to Coast – May 5
    • Reach the Beach – May 19
    • Open House
    • Other?
  4. Prepping the Park for 2018
    • Changes in Managing the Parking from 2017?
    • Staffing During Special Days?
    • Operation of the Gate
    • Signs
    • Striping
  5. Grant Funding – Subcommittee Report – Next Steps
  6. Solicitation of Donations
  7. Election of Officers

Come join us and make a difference.   This is a Community Park, for the community and built and run by the Community.   We can use your talents.

See you on Saturday

2017 Science Camp – Energy

Be it solar, wind, water, electricity, heat or just the cup of coffee that gives you that jolt in the morning.   ENERGY is the subject of this year’s Science Camp.

NVCA in conjunction with the Nestucca Valley Elementary school is preparing for our Fifth Annual Science Camp.   We have received a $9.800 grant from Trust Management Services in Waldport, Oregon to help fund this project.

The science camp will be held in July with the tentative dates being July 10th through July 27th.   Each Thursday of the Science Camp,  July 13 and July 20  NVCA volunteers work with the students and instructors on hands on projects.  Volunteers will also assist on a field trip that will be held on the last  Thursday of the science camp, July 27.

In years past, there have been as many as 70 students attending the science camp and can use help from the community.   We encourage those that are interested to come and help out.   If you are interested, contact us at nvcainfo@gmail.com.

Better still, come to our next meeting on Saturday,  June 10th at 10 AM at the Kiawanda Community Center, 34600 Cape Kiwanda Drive.

Great Week for the Park!

On Tuesday – November 1,  Tillamook Lightwave (TLW)  and Nestucca Valley Community Alliance (NVCA) met in Conference Room B at the Tillamook Courthouse.

Two bids were received for the gravel parking lot work for the Pacific City Community Park.  We received two bids.

Bid 1:  Road & Driveway – Newport Oregon  $151,482.30

Bid 2: Earth Works Excavation – Beaver Oregon (Bill Howard Owner)  $97,865

We chose the Earth Works Excavation bid for $97,865.   Although this was the lower bid it still is  approximately $13,000 over the TLT Grant total.   We believe with some adjustments to the work we can bring the cost down.   HHPR is contributing an additional $1,000 of in kind work to offset some of the cost.   HHPR and TLW will be working with Earth Works to review the engineering to find areas that can be adjusted to bring this within the grant budget.

However,  please understand that even with this approach we will still need additional funding to complete this project.   NVCA will need to raise funds for radio controlled gate, signage and other amenities we may need to develop a working parking lot.

This is where we will need help!   We need to organize and hold creative and innovative fund raisers in the near future to get this parking lot done.   Got ideas?? Can you help??   Just go to the volunteer page and sign up or contact us at nvcainfo@gmail.com.

The best way is to come to our next meeting  – Saturday November 19, at 10 AM at the Kiawanda Community Center.   We will be talking about park progress as well as the future of NVCA.







Help Wanted – Landscaping

HelpWantedHELP WANTED!!   We need the services of a landscape designer to complete the final concept design for the park and guide through the engineering plans and a Master Plan.

We have applied for a grant through Travel Oregon to help with this effort.
If you are a designer or know folks who are and would be interested in helping our organization completed these plan please see the RFP (Request for Proposal) under the Records Tab.    We would appreciate receiving a proposal.

The RFP is also posted on the Daily Journal of Commerce Website  http://www.djcoregon.com  and the League of Oregon Cities website  http://www.orcities.org

This project is an all-volunteer effort.  Pacific City is an unincorporated community so there is no city government that can help with design consulting and/or funding.   The designer on this project will have a great deal of visibility in the community and will have the opportunity to meet and work with leaders in the community.

Contact us at nvcainfo@gmail.com   – we will send you a copy.