Volunteer Round-Up

Colourful playground.
Colourful playground.

And Now the Fun Begins – Let’s Build a Park – One Foot at a Time  

With the fence done,  the work begins and NVCA needs the skills, talents and know-how of South County, residents, home owners, visitors and  people interested in making a difference in the community.

We need your help.  Please come to the NVCA


It will be held Tuesday,  July 1 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at the Kiawanda Community Center 

NVCA representatives will give a brief overview of where we stand and what we need to do in the next few months and what will be needed in the next year to move forward with the park. We will then answer your questions and talk to you about the following needs:

  • Park :   Brush clearing,  site planning, equipment, skate park design
  • Fundraising:  Event planning,  organizing, grant writing, fund raising
  • Education:   Science, history, arts, cultural activities for the community
  • Advertising:  Newsletters,  presentations, social networking,  blogging
  • Technical:  Computers, database, face book, website
  • Administration:   Finance, budgeting, recruiting, management, board position

If you cannot come,  check out our website at www.nestucca.org and fill in the volunteer form or send us an e-mail at nvcainfo@gmail.com – put the word Rally in the subject and we will get back with you.