Wow! Clearing Makes A Difference

ClearingWhat a difference! Many thanks to Coastway Construction, the Tillamook Sheriff’s Office and the Jail Crew and to Rob Royster for getting the park cleared of the scotch broom and major debris.

Come to the Board Meeting on Saturday, November 8th at the Central Building on Brooten Road (The Pacific Coast Church next to the Post Office). At 9:30 pm we will have presentation on Board Responsibilities by Mike Manzulli, NVCA’s lawyer.  Our business meeting will start about 10:30 am –  we will be discussing the status of the clearing and of the landscape designer.

The picture attached is of the gate area as you enter the park – notice how you can see through the area. Pit rock was laid so a few cars (10-20) can pull onto the property. The crews cleared the front portion of the property about where the fence turns but left the back portion in its original state. They also supervised the burn to rid the property of the old wood and debris. The designers will have a chance to get in and mark the trees and view the lay of the land for future design. Trees were kept within a 20 ft area of the fence but were pruned and shaped, the scotch broom and debris was cleared from the fence area.